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Twilight Showcase Radio Show

Short live phone interview and “Forevermore” feature on the Twilight Showcase Radio Show on 95.9 FM WATD hosted by Sandy Streid and Keith James.


Motivators in Motion Podcast

Podcast interview with host, Brad Dalius, where Alex Amato discussed his new self-titled EP and how he is motivated to further pursue his music career as a singer/songwriter. Listen here!


Live In-Studio Interview & Performance

Alex Amato will be featured again on the Twilight Showcase radio show on 95.9 FM WATD for an hour long takeover featuring a live interview and performance on Sunday, August 4 from 9-10pm ET. To listen to the show tune into 95.9 FM WATD or go to www.959watd.com. To watch the exclusive live performance go to the Twilight Showcase’s Facebook page to see the Facebook Live!